Jeffrey Zeig, PhD

Keynote: Positioning Ericksonian Therapy: What is the place of Ericksonian Therapy in the history of our field. Who are the major contributors? What is Erickson's heritage for the future?

Milton Erickson directly spawned a number of intellectual heirs. Notable among them are Jay Haley and Ernest Rossi. Erickson's work served as a foundation for a number of other schools of psychotherapy, including solution focused therapy, outcome informed therapy, self relations therapy, and impact therapy. We will examine core principles of an Ericksonian approach to understand how those core principles were transmitted and advanced by Erickson's followers.

Who was Milton Erickson? Who was he as a clinician? What are the central tenets of his approach?

This presentation will consist of personal reminiscences about Milton H Erickson M.D. it will include information about what he accomplished and who he was as a person. Dr. Erickson was the archetype of the wounded healer--an alchemist who transformed his pain into the energy to heal others. Erickson was a living example of the dictum: in order to ignite others, one must first show the capacity to glow.

Jeff Zeig, PhD. Founder and Director of Milton H. Erickson Foundation and many well-known conferences, Dr. Zeig is a clinical psychologist in private practice, and conducts workshops internationally. He has edited, co-edited, authored or co-authored more than 20 books on psychotherapy that appear in 12 foreign languages.