Ryan Nagy, MA

The Internet For Ericksonians: Pitfalls and Promise

The internet is often promoted as an unequivocal good that will unleash "the wisdom of crowds" and give voice to more and more people who will use the net to create the lifestyles that they dream about. This may be true true in certain cases, but it is too early to tell where the internet is taking us as a species and where its limitations are. Perhaps this "new world" has some drawbacks that we need to consider as we move forward? Do we really want computer programmers and technology geeks making decisions that can have profound impacts on human activities and consciousness? Can your life be neatly fit into digital categories so neatly framed for you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Let's hope not.

That being said, there are some basic ideas about the internet and internet marketing that useful (if not critical) in getting people into our practices and workshops and making sure that the next generation of Ericksonians can be found and developed.

Ryan C. Nagy MA has an eclectic background in child development, Feldenkrais and hypnosis, having taught nearly all ages from kindergarden to highschool and university level. He currently spends his time researching and implementing strategies for using the internet for education.