Roxanna Erickson Klein RN, PhD

Ericksonian Approaches to Recovery from Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a pervasive problem that plagues modern society. Though staggering statistics document what may be only part of the morbidity, resources for and approaches to treatment continue to be limited. Currently a Twelve Step approach retains leadership for both recognition and relative success as the treatment of choice. Technological advances are approaching the capability of concrete documentation of pathology. Paradoxically, as awareness grows so do the questions associated with the topic. Today, within professional circles, neither identification of substance abuse nor direction for treatment is definitively agreed upon.

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore ways in which Ericksonian strategies can be overlaid upon existent more traditional treatment of substance abuse. The strategies discussed in this presentation reflect self-awareness exercises and experiential techniques that were designed to complement the cognitive behavioral class work in a residential facility serving adult women. No statistics were kept on the population, and therefore there is no documentation of their efficacy, however participation among the residents was well received and anecdotally reported to be of significance by numerous participants.

Roxanna Erickson Klein RN, PhD: A registered nurse for more than 40 years, Roxanna has a passion for the interface for psychological and physical medicine. She has special training in the treatment of recovery from chemical dependency and is currently working on a license in counseling. Residing in Dallas, Texas she is experienced in teaching hypnosis locally and internationally. She does ongoing professional writing and is currently involved in counseling seriously ill patients. A member of the Board of Directors of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Roxanna has been instrumental in the advancement of the Archives and is currently collaborating with Ernest and Kathryn Rossi to compile the collected works of her father Milton H. Erickson. Currently ten volumes of this series are in press and several more in progress. A lifetime of experience and training in hypnosis has facilitated her understanding which she brings to others in a straightforward, demystifying manner