Bill O'Hanlon, MS

Keynote: There Is No Such Thing As A Weed.

Milton Erickson considered one of his two original contributions to the field of psychotherapy to be his concept of "utilization," radically accepting and using whatever the client/patient may bring, however difficult or pathological it may seem at first glance. In this presentation, Bill O'Hanlon shows how to understand and use the concept of utilization to decrease resistance and increase positive results in clinical work. Full of vivid examples, stories and movie clips, Bill brings this crucial Ericksonian concept alive and makes it accessible for "the rest of us."

Presentation: Possibility Therapy: An Ericksonian-influenced, solution-based approach to change.

Bill O'Hanlon has authored over 30 books, studied directly with Milton Erickson,and has given over 2500 talks all over the world. He has appeared on Oprah with his book Do One Thing Different