Michael Munion, MA, LPC

Love and Intention

Two dimensions that dramatically impact therapeutic outcome are the nature of motivation for change, and the perception of personal power (agency). Therapeutic effectiveness can be enhanced if clients are assessed on these dimensions and steps are taken to improve motivation and agency. This presentation discusses the nature of motivation and sense of personal power in the patients we treat. Following a discussion of these concepts, there is a brief discussion of assessing on these dimensions, as well as providing a technique for developing a solution focused intervention. Finally, this model is discussed in the context of Milton Erickson's approach to treatment of patients.

Michael Munion, MA, LPC, is Chief Clinical Officer for Mountain Health and Wellness which provides integrated primary and behavioral healthcare. He has been a practicing psychotherapist in Arizona since 1979, and affiliated with the Erickson Foundation since 1980. He is co-author of Sage's book on Milton H. Erickson and co-editor of What is Psychotherapy?: Contemporary Perspectives.