Camillo Loriedo, MD, PhD

Using Hypnosis With Couples And Families

The use of hypnosis with families appears to be an easy and natural process because family provides the most common context for early hypnotic experiences. Therapists working with couples and families learned by their experience how one can be deeply influenced by the family spontaneous inductions. On the other side, the role played by the identified patient in facilitating trance in the family system is certainly very relevant.

The study of the family natural tendency to induce trance is one of best ways to learn how to utilize hypnosis with couples and families. Specific direct and indirect techniques are required to activate family resources and to induce a deep and meaningful change of the most rigid family patterns.

In this framework hypnosis will be presented no more as an individual/linear event but rather, within a system perspective, as a circular and evolving process.

Indirect as well as direct forms of hypnosis to be used in the family interview will be presented and special attention will be dedicated to the criteria to follow in order to combine properly direct and indirect in the different phases of the therapeutic process.

Camillo Loriedo, MD, PhD Camillo Loriedo is Professor of Psychiatry and of Psychotherapy in the School of Medicine, University of Rome "La Sapienza", and the School of Specialization in Psychiatry of the same University. He also teaches Psychiatry at the University of Rome General Pratictioners' School.

He is also Vice-Director of the University of Rome School of Specialization in Psychiatry. Prof. Loriedo is Director of the inpatients and outpatients Unit of Psychiatry and Eating Disorders, of the Hospital Policlinico Umberto I, in Rome. Since 1998, he is Member of the Board of Directors of the Milton Erickson Foundation (Phoenix, Arizona).

He has been recently elected President of the Italian Society of Psychotherapy (SIPSIC). He is currently President of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), and is as well President of the Societa Italiana Milton Erickson (SIME-Italian Milton Erickson Society) Prof. Loriedo serves as Scientific and Training Director of the Istituto Italiano di Psicoterapia Relazionale of Rome, as well as Scientific and Training Director of the Scuola Italiana di Ipnosi e Psicoterapia Ericksoniana of Rome.

Editor in chief of the scientific journal "Rivista di Psicoterapia Relazionale" and of the scientific journal "Ipnosi".

Editorial Consultant, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, since 1997, and Contemporary Hypnosis, since 2009.

Member of the Editorial Board of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis since 2005 He is also in charge for 2 Series of books of the Franco Angeli Publishing House: "Family Psychotherapy" and "Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy".

Prof. Loriedo has been awarded by the Milton H. Erickson Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Psychotherapy.He has authored over 350 scientific papers and 29 books.

Key Words: systemic trance, family induction, direct and indirect approach.