Helen Erickson, PhD

A Kaleidoscopic View of Utilization

Most Ericksonian practitioners have adopted the concept of Utilization as the foundation for their practice. Yet many still discuss it from the perspective of what the practitioner does with the client. An alternative perspective is that utilization is a way of thinking about the client. The first emphasizes the work of the therapist, the second emphasizes the client's world view as a foundation for the therapist's work. This presentation explores the relationship and implications for the two perspectives.

Helen L Erickson, first introduced to Milton and Betty Erickson in 1956 at an ASCH organizational-meeting in Detroit Michigan, describes her first 24 years of experience with Erickson as 6 years as an unaware apprentice, 6 years of awakening, 6 years of shaping, and 6 years as an eager extrapolator. From these experiences she has crafted and articulated a practice model described by her as modeling the clients' world for the purpose of facilitating of their growth and well-being. Helen, a registered nurse since 1957, earned her Baccalaureate and Masters degrees in Nursing, and her PhD in Educational Psychology from The University of Michigan. She has held clinical and academic positions in a variety settings as well as maintaining a private practice. Recognized nationally and internationally for her leadership in utilization of the client's world view as the foundation for practice, The University of Texas (UT) established the Helen L Erickson Endowed Lectureship for Holistic. She currently holds an Emeritus Professorship from UT, serves as the Past Chair of the American Holistic Nurses' Certification Corporation, lectures, and consults internationally on holistic health care practices.