Annette Fisher

The Meeting of Two Great Men

The Spirit of the Time: Milton H Erickson meets Jacob Levy Moreno

Workshop Title

This conference session will construct a meeting between two men whose contribution is a foundation and under pins much of the therapeutic theory and practice in 2012.

When I met Robert McNeilly, the convenor of this conference, 15 years ago I had a marvellous time getting to know him, his work and his love of Milton Erickson's work. For a number of years Robert taught in my home town Canberra Australia, he stayed at my house and I attended a short course to update and learn about Erikson's work. What has been of interest to me is that we can relate to each other so well and yet we come from what seems to be very different modalities.

This January I met with Robert and some of his colleagues who are all influenced by Milton Erikson. I have now begun to see the treads of commonality between Erickson and Moreno. These commonalities are what I believe to be the foundations of effective therapy and this will be explored in this session.

I sent an email as part of my research for this session to Zerka Moreno who is now 95. She had been involved in much of the development of psychotherapy in the USA and many other countries. She has taught at the Milton Erickson Foundation in Phoenix Arizona participating in the foundations first conference and attended the conferences until 2000. She is now unable to attend due to her health.

She said, '...I know of no meeting ever taking place. It is however, well possible that they read one another's writings. It seems to me that they were both representative of the Zeitgeist.

The aim of this session is to promote discussion and interest in the common roots of these two psychotherapies. The psychodramatic method will be used in this audio presentation to bring the meeting of Milton Erickson and Jacob Levy Moreno to light.

Annette Fisher,is a psychodrama, trainer educator and practitioner. At present she is a trainer of psychodrama, has a private clinical practice, consultant and clinical work at a drug and alcohol and is involved in the development of community creative arts. She is also a practicing and exhibiting artist.

She is the past president of the Australian Federation of Training Institutes (ANZPA), past vice president and Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association (ANZPA) and been actively involved in the development of counselling and psychotherapy in Australia.