Lilian Borges Zeig, MA, LPC

Hypnosis For Couples

In this workshop Lilian Borges Zeig will address how to use hypnosis in couples therapy. Hypnosis can be used for emotion regulation, de-escalation, improve communication, work on past issues that are affecting the couple's current relationship, and build a new healthy relationship. Mrs. Borges Zeig will talk about how to use hypnosis as an excellent tool in a integrative approach to engage each partner into improving themselves and consequently their marriage.

Lilian Borges Zeig, MA, LPC, A native of Brazil and a licensed psychotherapist both in Brazil and the US, Lilian calls forth on her background to help multicultural patients. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese. She currently teaches hypnosis and brief therapy around the world, conducting various seminars in countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Viena, Canada, Brazil, Italy and Mexico.